Exotic Leathers

Exotic Leathers

Vertu recommends that you occasionally wipe the exotic leather in the direction of the scales with a slightly damp soft cloth, avoiding excessive pressure.

  • If your phone accidentally gets wet, it is essential that you dry it as soon as possible with a soft absorbent cloth.
  • Direct exposure to strong light, heat and humidity should be avoided, as well as contact with items and substances that may stain or scratch the surfaces.
  • Vertu recommends that you store your handset in the pouch provided when not in use, to help protect it.

Should you need to return your exotic leather product, and you are a resident in any of the following countries, Vertu recommends that you visit your nearest authorised retailer, who will be able to liaise directly with Vertu Service Centre: Anywhere within the EU, Hong Kong, China, Russia and the United Arab Emirates

If you live in a country that is not listed, we recommend that you contact Vertu Customer Service for further advice.

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