Manual Configuration

Certain Vertu products require the handset to be registered and to have received settings in order to activate the exclusive Vertu Lifestyle Assistance.

It may not be possible to receive these settings on your handset due to region, operator or network conditions. If these issues can not be overcome then it is possible to manually configure your product.

Vertu Signature S design

Note: You should only manually configure your Vertu Signature product if it has the latest software release, you have successfully registered the handset and you can not receive the settings automatically.

  1. To configure your Accurate time, Vertu City Brief and Vertu Select settings follow the instructions below -
    1. From the homescreen select Menu / Settings / Location service.
    2. Click Login information and enter the username and password you created during registration.

      Note: Connection mode allows you to set the circumstances under which you use the location services.
      Locate Now forces a connection to the Location services server.
  2. To create and configure your Vertu.Me account follow the instructions below -
    1. From the homescreen select Menu / Messages / Options [left selection key] / Add mailbox.
    2. Enter your Vertu.Me email address created during registration.
      For example, for the username 'mark.hill' the email address will be
    3. Select "Yes" to allow the phone to search the internet for mailbox settings.
    4. After a few seconds, the settings should be found and the mailbox should be configured.

If the mailbox settings could not be found using the internet, your Vertu.Me account can be configured using the settings below -

Advanced configuration settings

  • Mailbox name: Vertu.Me [Note: must capitalise V and M]
  • Email address: <>
  • Incoming server type: IMAP4

In Login information

  • IMAP4 authentication: On
  • IMAP4 username: <username>
  • IMAP4 password: <password>

In incoming mail settings

  • Incoming IMAP4 serv.:
  • Security: Secure port
  • Port: 993

In outgoing sett. (SMTP)

  • Outgoing SMTP serv.:
  • SMTP authentication: On
  • SMTP username: <username>
  • SMTP password: <password>
  • Security: Start TLS
  • Ports: 25
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