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As with every Vertu created since 1998, Aster is handmade in England. From its hand-brushed sound bar with concentric 'race-track' detailing to its hand-polished ruby key and hand-turned screws, each one is meticulously hand crafted with expert attention to detail. Only when they're happy that it is absolutely perfect will our craftsman sign their name to it.



Aster blends the finest rare materials to create something truly exceptional.

A side view of the Aster Blush Calf showing the titanium structure, Ruby Key and camera
  • Our exquisite leathers and exotic skins are carefully selected and hand crafted, before being rigorously 'wet and dry' tested with 11 different chemicals, so they are as resilient as they are beautiful.
  • Hardened titanium has been used in Aster's side rails, back plate, pillow and sound bar. Usually found in spacecraft and sports cars, titanium is more than twice as strong as stainless steel and almost half the weight.
  • Aster's screen and lens covers are crafted from solid sapphire crystal, the second-toughest natural material after diamond, giving you a scratch resistant surface.
  • For strength and a stunning appearance, we use laser-blasted, hardened black PVD titanium in Aster's lower sound bar.


Aster is the result of inspirational design development. Envisioned as a clear statement of elegance, each one is an unmistakable expression of our aesthetic.

  • The Grade 5 titanium upper sound bar uses stylish 30-degree lines, which our head of design calls Aster’s ‘beauty mark’, perfectly balancing the adjacent black PVD-coated titanium.
  • Finely hand-brushed concentric ‘race-track’ lines around the side rails create a stunning counterpoint to polished areas, so when Aster catches the light, it also catches the eye.
  • Aster’s Grade 5 titanium back plate is hand finished to create striking contrast whichever your choice of colour.
  • Our ruby key echoes the Vertu ‘V’ and classic ruby shape.
  • A ‘wrap-around’ design ensures your chosen leather or exotic skin envelops your Aster beautifully.