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gucci fragrance

Encounter Darcy Perfume:Floral and fruity

Top Notes: Tangerine Grapefruit Pineapple Strawberry Passion Fruit
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Red Berries, Lily of the Valley, Peony, Orchid
Base Notes: Musk Woody Oakmoss

Primrose Hill Perfume: Oriental
Top Notes: Tea, Bergamot, Rose
Middle Notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Jasmine
Base Notes: Leather Amber Musk Vanilla Oakmoss

Bright Heart Perfume: Woody fudge
Top note: powdery fragrance
Middle Notes: Woody, Spicy, Creamy
Base Notes: Leather Musk Resin Amber

One Eye Dawn Perfume: Woody and Floral
Top Notes: Tea, Thyme
Middle Notes: Rose, Saffron, Lily of the Valley
Base Notes: Frankincense Amber Sandalwood Musk Suede